General Information

The laboratory pay someone to write my paper headed by Dr. Sci. Alexey Yu. Borisov was established in the Institute in 2001 as a result of reorganization of the Laboratory of Biotechnology. At present the laboratory belongs to the Department of Biotechnology headed by the Director of the All-Russia Research Institute for Agricultural Microbiology, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sci., Professor Igor A. Tikhonovich. Since September 2014 the laboratory is headed by Dr. Vladimir A. Zhukov.

Main directions of research activities:

  1. Investigation of molecular and genetic mechanisms of formation and functioning of nitrogen-fixing nodules.
  2. Study the plant genetic control over development of arbuscular mycorrhiza.
  3. Identification of the genetic basis of effective write my essay reviews symbiosis formation by leguminous plants, as well as development of approaches to improve it in the field.
  4. Study of interaction and mutual influence of plants and soil microbial consortia.